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Canada Students Recruiting Centre, as a Canadian company based in British Columbia, empowers international students to achieve their goals. We offer outstanding services, which allow all our prospective students to make informed decisions about their education pathways in Canada. We, in Canada Students Recruiting Centre, provide international students with free advice and support to apply and get enrolled in Canadian universities, colleges, and schools of languages. Our educational consultants are fully experienced and trained, and are here to help you through all the steps of your admission process in any Canadian university, college or school of language. No matter which level of education you wish to study, as we have an experienced support team to suit you.

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How We Help With Your Studies In Canada?

Canadian education is among the most prestigious in the world. If you want to study in Canada, don’t look further: We can help you find and choose the right program. We will also make sure that you get successfully enrolled at the university or college of your choice.

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How We Help You Perfect Your English/French?

Did you know that Canada offers almost unmatched opportunities to study English or French? With top-notch schools of languages at your disposal, you can start learning English or French in Canada. If you want to perfect your English or French, we will introduce hundreds of the best Canadian schools of languages to you.

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How We Help You Get Your Study Permit

We don’t offer any immigration-related services ourselves, but can gladly introduce you to our partners – probably the most successful immigration professionals in Canada. We strive to provide A-Z services so that you’ll experience the least inconvenience possible if at all.

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We specialize in bridging prospective students with universities, colleges, and schools of languages in Canada. We want you to be successful. We want you to be productive. We want you to be happy. This is our mission – and we are here to help.

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We specialize in this field, and we know our stuff very well!


Only your educational goals matter, and we love helping!

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We don't procrastinate and help you succeed fast, as expected!

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We assess your educational eligibility for free!

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Study At Universities/Colleges

Want to study at Canadian universities or colleges? We help you choose the right program and get enrolled.

Study At Schools Of Languages

Want to perfect your English or French? We help you find the best Canadian school of language.

Get Study Permit

Want to easily get your study permit? Our fully licensed immigration partners help you get your study permit + TRV