Studies in Canada

If you want to study in Canada – don’t look further: we can help. We will help you find the right courses and programs. We will also make sure that you get successfully enrolled at the college or university of your choice. Opt for a new future today!

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Working in Canada

International students studying at designated Canadian colleges and universities have one something in common: they can work for 20 hours each week during studies and full-time during winter and summer breaks! Moreover, many students also get a 3-year open wok permits after graduation.

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Language Schools

Did you know that Canada offers almost unmatched opportunities to study English or French? With top-notch schools of languages at your disposal, you can either start learning English in Canada or perfect your knowledge of it.

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Do you want to settle in Canada?

We don’t offer any immigration-related advice ourselves but can gladly introduce you to our partners – probably the most successful immigration professionals in Canada. We strive to provide A-Z services so that you’ll experience the least inconvenience possible if at all.

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CRC Canada Recruting Centre

We specialize in bridging prospective students with universities, colleges in schools of languages in Canada. We want you to be successful. We want you to be productive. We want you to be happy. This is our mission – and we are here to help.

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Educational Recruiting

Canadian education is among the most prestigious in the world. We can help choose the right program and get enrolled

Study English in Canada

Want to perfect your English? Or learn it from scratch? Don’t look further: hundreds of schools of languages are at your disposal

Work in Canada

Students usually can work both during studies and breaks. There is also another popular category – temporary workers